RADAM Car Duster

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Effortlessly maintain your car’s shine with our Wax Coated RADAM Car Duster. Special wax-infused cotton strands gently remove dust without scratching.

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Discover the ultimate solution for keeping your car looking pristine with our RADAM Car Wax Duster. Engineered with precision, this duster features cotton strands infused with a special wax coating, ensuring effortless removal of dust and debris from your car’s exterior. With each gentle swipe, it effectively lifts away dirt without scratching or harming the paint finish. Experience unparalleled convenience and protection as you effortlessly maintain your vehicle’s showroom shine. Elevate your car care routine with the superior performance of our Wax Coated RADAM Car Duster.

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Weight 0.850 kg
Dimensions 50 × 15 × 10 cm


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