7D Car Floor Mats In Chennai

Maintaining the interior of your car is as important as the exterior part. Hence, keeping the floor of your car interior clean is as important as keeping the exterior clean. 

But to keep the floor of your car clean is a challenging task. Thus, choosing the right mat for your car becomes an important decision.

Car mats play a significant role in maintaining your car’s interior. Absence of a floor mat may result into unhygienic conditions. Car mats not only help in keeping the floor clean but they also add luxury and enhance the look of your car.


Depending on the person’s preference and budget, a variety of floor mats are available:

  • Fabric floor mats
  • Rubber mats
  • All Weather vinyl mats
  • Nomad mats
  • 3D Floor mats


Apart from the above mentioned types, there’s a new variety available in the market, 7D Mats, which has now replaced all the previous types of mats.

7D Mats are now taking over, because of their style and uniqueness. And one of the most important features of 7D mats is that they are custom made to fit the car’s floor perfectly.

These are generally made of artificial leather, foam and Velcro and possess a variety of benefits over simple rubber mats.


  1. Custom made that provide end to end fitting
  2. Highly durable
  3. Waterproof
  4. Easy to clean and wash
  5. Made using high quality raw material


  1. Provides aesthetic value to your car
  2. Enhances look of your car
  3. Provides more comfort
  4. Have low maintenance
  5. Offers excellent return on investment


7D Car Mats are available in various price ranges. The cost is depended upon the model of your car as it is end to end fitted. And it is also depended upon the brand of the car mat that you choose. Generally, the price starts from Rs 4500 and it can go up considering the above mentioned things.


The following are the popular brands of 7D Mats:

  • Autotech 7D car mats
  • Autofurnish7D car mats
  • Raco 7D car floor mats
  • Autokame 7D car floor mats

Above all Autotech is top of the brand for its pricise fitting and high end quality.

The floor of your car needs to be protected from dirt, dust, food spoils etc. There are varieties of car floor mats available but 7D mats are the best among all because of its qualities. One can get a modern look and add comfort to its car interior by investing in 7D MATS