Best Car Maintenance Services In Chennai

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In present time, people find more convenient to commute through cars and therefore spend a vital amount of time travelling in a car. This can result in more exposure of car to dust, dirt, debris, and other elements. And therefore, it becomes the utmost duty of every car owner to maintain it. If a car is well maintained, it not only looks good, but it has many other benefits.

Cleaning the exterior of your car is as important as cleaning its interior. There are a lot of car care products available in the market and with the help of these products, maintaining a car is no longer a big task.

Following is the list of some important exterior car cleaning products that will help maintain the looks of your car:

  1. Car Duster
  2. Car Cleaning Brush
  3. Car wash
  4. Car Wax and Polish
  5. Glass Cleaner
  6. Cleaning cloth
  7. Headlight Restoration
  8. Car cleaning pads
  9. Sealants
  10. Car Scratch remover


Car Maintenance in chennai

One of the most important car cleaning products is a Car Duster or we can say a Car cleaning brush. We, at CarXone provide the ‘Radam Car Duster’ which is made of superior quality and cleans your car effortlessly.

Radam car duster allows the cleaning of dust, dirt and debris from the exterior of your car without using water or any other chemicals.

All types of dust and dirt can be removed from Radam Car Duster.

The fibers of this car duster are coated with a special wax which attracts the dust and therefore removes the unwanted materials with ease. A car duster does not replace the washing of car but it definitely cuts the number of times, one need to wash a car.

Features of a Radam Car Duster:

  1. Special wax coated strands
  2. Lifts the dust with ease
  3. Removes all types of dust, dirt and debris
  4. Made of superior quality
  5. Doesn’t leave scratch on the surface
  6. Have a longer life span
  7. Light weight
  8. Reusable after washing

So, if you are planning to buy a cleaning brush for your car, go for the Radam Car Duster which is easy to use and affordable.