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Whether it’s about the appearance, convenience or comfort, car accessories play a significant role. Car accessories are addons to your car that are used to enhance its look, comfort, style etc. From safety and hygiene perspective also, we can say, it should be a must have.

Car Accessories Can Be Categorized Into Two Types

  1. Essential car accessories
  2. Non-essential car accessories

Some accessories could be essential for one owner and some for other. So, it depends on the owner’s preference, what accessories he/she considers as essential and what not. But there are some accessories that are considered to be essential and which every car must have.

Here’s a list of Essential Car Accessories for your New Car in 2023

  1. CAR SEAT COVERS The first car accessory that is visible when anyone enters inside your car is a car seat cover. They are a protection to your original seat which protects it from dust, dirt, food spoils, tear. So, it is a must have. Seat covers depend on the model of your car and also upon the owner’s choice and budget.

There are different types of seat covers. The main include:

  1. Fabric seat covers
  2. PU art leather seat covers
  3. Pure Leather seat covers
  1. CAR JUMP STARTER – Just like you need a power bank to charge your mobile in case of power off, cars also need to get charged from an external source.This is done through a jump starter, which is also called as a battery booster. So, we can say a Car Jump starter is the power bank of cars.

Its importance can be seen as follows:

  1. Portable
  2. Easy to use
  3. Starts your car instantly
  4. Other devices can also be charged using USB
  • LED LIGHTS FOR CARS – Headlights are classified into 3 types, Halogen, HID and LED. Among all the three, LEDs have proven to the most efficient and durable. They don’t have much brightness and therefore doesn’t cause temporary blindness to other motorists.

   LEDs light up immediately when turned on as compared to halogens and HIDs.

  • CAR REMOTE KEY – A car remote key is a standard key which doesn’t have any physical contact with the car. It’s an electronic lock that controls the access of a vehicle. It lets you to start the car without getting inside it.

   Since everyone wants to protect their car from thieves, therefore this remote key is becoming an essential accessory for every car owner.

  • CAR CLEANING KIT – To maintain your car’s interior as well as exterior appearance, a car cleaning kit is of utmost importance. It’s a small kit that you can take anywhere and at anytime.

A car cleaning kit contains the following:

  1. Car shampoo
  2.  Micro fiber cloth
  3. Wheel and carpet brushes
  4. Small rubber squeegee
  5. Car wax
  6. Car vacuum cleaner
  • CAR SUN SHADE – Car sun shades are protective shields that are attached to windshields to protect the interior of a car from UV rays. During summers, the temperature inside a car gets hot. In order to maintain the temperature, car sun shades play a significant role.
  • CAR DOOR GUARD – Car doors are often damaged in parking areas. Damage can include scratch, scrape, or dents, which ultimately results into a huge repairing expenditure.

To protect the doors from getting damaged, car door guard has been invented. It acts a shield to a car door and protects it from scratches and dents.

  • MUD FLAPS FOR CAR- Also known as mud guards, they protect the tyre of a car from the debris on the road.  While driving, the tyre comes in contact with mud, dirt, water and many other elements. Using mud flaps prevents this as it creates a barrier between a tyre and a wheel, which in turn protects the paint of the wheel to get off in the long run.

So, as the modernization is increasing, the need for accessories also increasing. The accessories which were considered as luxurious ones before, have now come under the list of essential ones. If you want to enhance the look, comfort and convenience to your car and want to give it a sporty and modern look, you must go for all these accessories.